What Is This Shot of the Portland Skyline Doing in the New Daniel Radcliffe Trailer?

Guns Akimbo, which looks dumb, is out March 5.

By Conner Reed January 16, 2020


Sometimes you're just trying to scratch that “what’s the deal with the new Daniel Radcliffe movie where his hands are guns?" itch, and then it becomes a whole thingGuns Akimbo, which premiered at TIFF last September to mild buzz, dropped its first trailer yesterday ahead of a March 5 release. 

In it, Radcliffe plays a game developer named Miles Casanova who gets kidnapped into a livestreamed Hunger Games–style death match. Also, he misses his girlfriend. It looks sort of like if Scott Pilgrim vs. the World merged with the airbrushed skull on the side of a muscle car. As the trailer rolled on, I thought, “I probably will not see this, even though Daniel Radcliffe’s character is named Miles Casanova.” You’ve gotta hand them that one!

Then this happened. For 42 seconds, I assumed Guns Akimbo was set in New York City, given the generic East Coast vibes of Radcliffe’s exposed-brick apartment. So imagine my surprise when, at second 43, I was treated to an extended establishing shot of ... Portland, Oregon? According to IMDb, filming was split between Auckland and Munich, and plenty of the trailer’s other exterior shots seem to place Guns Akimbo in a nonspecific yellow-cabbed metropolis. So what, in God’s name, is an aerial shot of the Willamette doing in there?

Sadly, I will probably pay money to see Guns Akimbo to find out. That’s how they get you. (Maybe they should have placed a rogue shot of the Moda Center in Widows so you monsters wouldn't have let it flop! Anyway.) Check out the full trailer below, and keep your eyes peeled for an unhinged investigative deep dive if the film turns up in theaters without a trace of the Rose City. 


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