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Katy Perry Survived a Sunriver Gas Leak

From "Wide Awake" to fast asleep in seconds flat

By Conner Reed February 25, 2020

Two months in, 2020 is emerging as the year of famous blonde women thanking our first responders. 

First was René Zellweger tipping her hat to firefighters and the boys in blue (and Bob Dylan and Harriet Tubman) in her, shall we say, discursive Oscar acceptance speech earlier this month. Then, over the weekend, known nun antagonist Katy Perry joined René’s ranks with this tweet: 

In an episode of 
American Idollet us pause for a second to soak in the fact that Lionel Richie is now a judge on American Idola show that still existsthat aired last FridaySeacrest and co hit Sunriver for a batch of first-round auditions.  

Partway through the day, things take a turn. Perry asks cohosts Ritchie and Blake Shelton if they smell gas, complains of a headache, and then evacuates with the rest of the Idol team and a lobby full of hopefuls. Eventually, she fakes a collapse to get rescued by hot firemen, because the stars—even the stars who buy convents and marry Russell Brand—are just like us. Here’s the full clip:  

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