Take a Walk Down Alberta with This Animal Art Map

Goodbye, Google Maps; hello, adorable frog sculptures

By Jordyn Mayer July 3, 2020

So your kids are climbing the walls after 100 days (years? who can even tell anymore?) of lockdown, but the governor and various public health officials would very much prefer that you not venture far from home this holiday weekend — and while we're at it, they strongly advise canceling that backyard barbecue you'd been planning with 100 of your nearest and dearest.

The merchants of NE Alberta Street have a plan to eat up at least a couple of these endless quarantine hours: A new walking map of the mural-decked neighborhood that's also a scavenger hunt.

Spanning between NE 14th and 30th Avenues, the map leads walkers past 28 pieces of artwork containing hidden animals, to be found with the help of some clever clues. (Sample hint: "Find two octopi who cuddle paintbrushes. In black and white, can you tell that one blushes?" There are also nods to mysterious "ghost snakes" and a shout-out to one of the street's 3-D pieces of art, an homage to Oregon's state animal.)

The map was created by the owners of Bunny with a Toolbelt and Green Bean Books;  walkers can pick up a hard copy of the map from either store, download it from their websites, or access it via QR codes posted on both shop doors. Hilary Pfeifer, owner of Bunny with a Toolbelt, says she and friend Jennifer Green (who owns Green Bean Books) walked the length of the street to suss out permanent pieces of art that incorporated animals.

During the era of social distancing, Pfeifer and Green say they hope that families, friends, and pets alike will participate in this walk, so long as you wear a mask while joining the fun. (And, if you're so inclined, use the hashtags that correspond to each clue to post your finds to Instagram as you're on the hunt.) 

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