Sávila Pairs Bold Visuals with Soothing Sounds

The three-piece Portland band looks forward by looking back.

By Conner Reed September 23, 2020 Published in the October 2020 issue of Portland Monthly

Fabiola Rayna (left), Papi Fimbres, and Brisa Maria Gonzales—the members of Sávila

“I love a show,” says Brisa Maria Gonzalez, vocalist for the Portland three-piece “Cumbia/Latin/World/R&B” band Sávila. Named after the Spanish word for aloe vera (“we were drawn to the cooling and healing and availability of it”), the group is often clad in bright green, and one of its prevailing aesthetic fascinations is “appreciating our own ancient past and wanting to work with that to create something new.” Gonzalez attributes some of the group’s more flamboyant visual stylings to her stint as a clown in the Ringling Bros. circus.

A new EP—a follow-up to Sávila’s dreamy 2018 self-titled debut—is coming soon.

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