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Tender Loving Empire's Snail Mail Subscription Service Will Help You Keep in Touch

The monthly packages include handmade cards, envelopes, and stamps.

By Alli Weseman January 8, 2021

During the pandemic, letter writing has exploded. #SaveUSPS began to trend on Twitter this past spring, encouraging people to buy stamps or send pieces of mail such as postcards and letters after its operations came under threat by the federal government.

To help support the USPS, Portland record label and handmade goods store Tender Loving Empire launched a snail mail subscription program back in October, allowing people to reconnect with their friends and families in a personal way. Subscribers will receive sets of three or six greeting cards with envelopes, envelope sealers, and best of all, stamps.

“There were a couple of factors that made it a great idea. Not only was there the ‘support the USPS movement,’ but staying in touch has become so important,” says Tender Loving Empire marketing manager Rachel Milbauer. “Texting, emailing, and Zoom phone calls kind of get old pretty quickly. We were trying to think of a more personal, old-school way to communicate.”

Packages include TLE cards made in-house by art director Abigael Tripp, plus cards by other artists, including Elana Gabrielle, Small Adventure, Moglea, Rep Cap Cards, and more.

“It was a fun addition to be able to send people seasonally appropriate festive stamps that plays into supporting the USPS,” says Milbauer. “It feels good to get a card with a cute or pretty design on it that you can hang on your fridge, remember, and look up to when you might not be feeling so hot or need a little encouragement.” 

The program has 75 subscriptions and counting. Along with cards, subscribers also receive a free gift in their package—an extra blank card or postcard. The company is continuing the Snail Mail Subscription Service into 2021, making adjustments to the packaging and free gifts they include every month.

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