LISTEN: Spacetime Diaries, and Other Portland-Produced Pods You Need to Listen to Right Now

A conversation with Spacetime Diaries podcast creator Ghan Patel. Plus, we highlight a few local podcasts.

By Gabriel Granillo March 5, 2021

We at Portland Monthly have put together a list of four new(ish) podcasts that have caught our attention—from sci-fi audio thrillers to intimate conversations about what it’s like to have cancer. To coincide with that piece, this week on Footnotes we wanted to feature an extended interview with Ghan Patel, the creator of the podcast Spacetime Diaries.

Season one of Spacetime Diaries, called “The Disappearing,” is an eight episode sci-fi musical adventure. After a tech worker named Karima “disappears” and finds herself in the distant future and another planet, she’s embroiled in a clash for the fate of humanity. And along the way, we’re presented with big ideas about our role in climate change, post-truth politics, and technological advances. 



  • Ghan Patel

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