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Netflix to Release a Documentary about Bend’s ‘Last Blockbuster’

It's like Gone Girl, but if Netflix were Amy and Nick.

By Conner Reed March 11, 2021

In “I didn’t kill my wife” news, Netflix announced this week that it will distribute a new documentary about the world’s last operating Blockbuster, which is located in Bend, Oregon.

The trailer, released in November (four months after the doc premiered at a special drive-in event in Bend), features interviews with the store’s employees, a very red Adam Brody, and Kevin Smith in a backwards hat calling “some cats from Oregon … beautiful.” People wring their hands and go, "Yeah, so weird, no idea why people stopped caring about DVDs," while an offscreen Netflix exec presumably nods and removes their finger from a shock collar remote. In a display of breathtaking casual sadism, the trailer also features a reminder of the moment in 2000 when Netflix offered Blockbuster a chance to buy the company, and Blockbuster refused. 

The Bend location has regularly made the news as a hanger-on, and in 2019, after the globe’s second-to-last store closed its doors in Australia, it obtained its current title. Spoiled Portlanders can, of course, always kill an afternoon at Movie Madness—but the Bend Blockbuster is at least worth a nostalgia trip.

The Last Blockbuster premieres Monday, March 15. Check out the full trailer below: 

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