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Watch Aidy Bryant Say Nice Things about Oregon in a Frilly Collar

The Shrill star gives the Beaver State our own Sally Field moment!

By Conner Reed May 18, 2021

As a native Oregonian, I have a sense of home-state pride that can sometimes border on unhealthy. Ask anyone I went to college with how many times I told them Halloweentown was shot here and they will say, "It is so nice for him that he moved back there." Basically nothing can match the thrill of me watching famous people say anything at all about the state that reared me, and when what they're saying is positive? Forget about it! So imagine my delight when I saw this tweet from the Associated Press where Aidy Bryant gushes about Oregon in a frilly collar:

In case you're living under a rock or not reading Portland Monthly regularly (same thing), Bryant plays Annie on Hulu’s Shrill, which is set and shot in Portland, and which just aired its final season at the beginning of May. It is one of my favorite things on television for reasons I'm pretty sure stretch beyond its local connection, but given the amount of screencaps I took when season 3 visited the St. Johns Bridge, there are reasonable doubts. 

Bryant has been coming to Portland from New York to film the series for the past three summers during her SNL hiatus, and per this interview with AP, she'll be back. "I would go back there in a heartbeat," she shares in the 55-second clip. "I'm planning to go back there this summer just ’cause I love it." 

She calls out our natural beauty (duh), thriving film scene (less of a duh maybe but nice to see it get some well-deserved lip service), and the fact that Oregon "holds all these little worlds within it," which we assume she learned from all the issues of Portland Monthly she read! Will we be addressing the likely PoMo counterpart that gets a less-than-shining treatment in episode three of the new season? We will not!

Thanks for the love, Aidy. It's mutual. Did anyone ever tell you they shot Halloweentown out here?