Song of the Week: ‘Magic’ by Reva DeVito

The latest cut from the Portland R&B singer's upcoming LP is smooth, springy, and irresistible.

By Conner Reed November 12, 2021

I don't know if you've noticed, but it's been raining for two days straight in Portland. Welcome to November: dark, wet, monotonous. The drizzle has its charms—or so Oregonians have more or less been able to convince ourselves—but no matter how long you manage to keep your head above water, sooner or later, it dampens the spirits.

Allow Reva DeVito to dry you off. The Rose City R&B singer, who's worked with the likes of Canadian producer Kaytranada, has been steadily dropping singles from her upcoming LP all throughout 2021. "Magic," the latest cut, is a ray of auditory sunshine guaranteed to part the clouds, however fleetingly.

Over an irresistibly funky, coiled bass line, DeVito croons "Do you believe in magic and cosmic energy?" Answering with anything but an emphatic "yes" feels like an unforgivable faux pas. With tight harmonies and tighter production, she proceeds to give us a glorious celebration of "the little miracles that are present all around us" (per a press release). When it hits 4:25 p.m. and the sun starts to set, crank this shit and pretend it is June. Thank us later.

The official release date for DeVito's debut LP is TBD, but you can check out "Magic" (plus other recent singles "Life Vest," "One Shot," "Downtown," and "The Wheel") on Spotify now:

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