Song of the Week: ‘All Me’ by Kingsley

Urgent, throbbing nu-disco from one of Portland's most promising pop talents

By Conner Reed December 4, 2021

Image: Kingsley

It's a story with shades of Hollywood glow-up: a former marketing director for the Roseland Theater has become one of Portland's most promising musical talents. 

Kingsley, a Portlander transplanted from the Chicago suburbs, has been putting out impressive pop and R&B tracks since 2018, when she dropped her debut album I Am Because I Am. She returned in May with Crying on Holidays, which streamlined I Am's eclectic mix into a more unified sound. Last week, she appeared at the Thesis's seventh anniversary show, and for the last several weeks, our ears have been filled with sleek Crying on Holidays single "All Me."

Opening with a chunky, filtered Nile Rodgers guitar line, "All Me" snaps and bounces along for three-and-a-half too-short minutes, building relentlessly to a busy, fizzy coda. The lyrics are classic sad-disco stuff—"I drank up all my money / And I tried, I'm still lonely"—which Kingsley's distinct, expressive vocals sell like gangbusters.

The whole thing amounts to a warm, throbbing slice of homegrown dance music that's a perfect antidote to winter doldrums. You can check out the full track below, and peep the remix with Kingsley's fellow Portlander Haley Johnsen here

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