Song of the Week: ‘Night Things...’ by M A N E

Slippery weirdo-pop of the highest order

By Conner Reed January 7, 2022

One week into 2022, and the year is already proving hospitable for musicians, big and small, willing to Go for It. With little advance notice, biggest-star-on-the-planet the Weeknd dropped his already-acclaimed fifth LP, Dawn FM, this morning, which is framed as a radio dispatch from purgatory hosted by Jim Carrey. Less high-concept, but no less intoxicating, is "Night Things...," the latest single from self-described Portland "recording project" M A N E, which dropped on Tuesday.

The initial melody slithers along over eerie electronics, featuring barbs like "Embody this trope / Spread it over toast / Like white women do with their avocados" and "Don't care if people like me, lately / And you can bet that goes for you." Then, after reverb-drenched guitar makes its way into the mix, the half-rapped middle-eight picks up speed and harshness, culminating in a hazy, blissed-out coda.

True to its name, "Night Things..." is laced with mystery and menace, but all the  shapeshifting is anchored by some truly swoon-worthy vocals and a bracing sense of play. M A N E go a lot of places in the track's relatively brief three minutes and 19 seconds, and while you're never sure where the next one will be, you never lose faith that it'll be worthwhile. The group has crafted a slice of slippery weirdo-pop quite unlike anything from their Rose City contemporaries—they've been around for a minute, but consider our eyes peeled for their next move.

You can check out the full track below, and below that, you can subscribe to our Songs of the Week Spotify playlist, updated every Friday: 

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