Song of the Week: ‘Nuestro Amor’ by Sávila

The Portland three-piece casts a gossamer spell in this cut from last summer's Mayahuel EP.

By Conner Reed January 21, 2022

Sávila, the Portland Latin R&B three-piece comprised of Fabi Reyna, Brisa Gonzalez, and Papi Fimbres, takes its name from the Spanish word for aloe vera. Soothing and elemental: that about sums it up.

Known especially for their spectacular live shows, Sávila performed a bit during the summer 2020 protests, but they've largely laid low as this ever-droning pandemic continues to crest and recede. Last June, though, they released Mayahuel, a 6-track followup to their self-titled 2018 full-length album, and in this midst of this extremely gray January, we've been turning to it for comfort, which it has delivered in spades.

Especially gorgeous is the EP's second track, "Nuestro Amor," which begins with discordant horns tuning up, orchestra-style, before guitars and spacious percussion slip in to smooth things out. Gonzalez's gossamer vocals ride a gently hypnotic shuffle: "I only follow a great mystery," she assures a prospective lover. By the time she cries, "Wrap me up in your stillness / Hold me tight," it's easy to imagine asking the song to do the same on a drizzly Portland morning.

Check out the full track below (click through to hear all of Mayahuel, and/or to snag it on vinyl), and below that, check out PoMo's Songs of the Week Spotify playlist, updated every Friday. Happy listening: 

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