The McDLT Is Back

Get your hot side hot, and your cold side cold without a time machine.

April 21, 2009


Remember 1985? I do, and it was a good year. William “The Fridge” Perry and his Chicago Bears were Superbowl champions, Amy Winehouse (lucky for us) couldn’t talk yet, and the McDonald’s corporation debuted the McDLT, a heavily marketed hamburger sandwich that arrived housed in a compartmentalized Styrofoam container whose two chambers kept separate the hot ingredients (meat and processed cheese) and the cold (the lettuce and tomato). Here’s one of the commercials.

Some 24 years later, the Bears suck, William Perry has traded in his cleats and now paints houses for a living, Styrofoam is practically illegal, and the McDLT has gone the way of parachute pants and pet rocks.

Don’t cry.

The sandwich may be gonzo, but the concept lives on in spring roll form at Ping, Pok Pok fish-sauce wingman Andy Ricker’s new Chinatown eatery.

Ping’s $8 spring rolls come with lettuce leaves, served separately from the deep-fried pork-spiked part of the equation, and the results are delicious. See slide show for assembly instructions.

Instructions below

Hot Side Hot

Cold Side Cold

The Final Product

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