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Sour Power

More hints from Howdini

By John Chandler September 22, 2009

I’ve been on a whiskey sour kick lately, and I’ve discovered a few things: fresh juice is a must. Bottled sour mix tastes like a pack of Sweet Tarts that’s been stashed in a cat box, so invest in a hand-squeeze juicer. As far as the brand of bourbon goes, I honestly haven’t had a really bad one, but I like Eagle Rare. Heck, Old Grandad is a bargain at $16, for that matter. I prefer to keep the proof down around 80-90 so as to better appreciate all the woody, smoky goodness.

It’s an easy one to make too. All you need is bourbon, lemons, limes, and simple syrup (a sugar and water solution).

The sun appears to still be in working order outside and a whiskey sour is ideal for an afternoon of idling in the hammock.

Once again, here’s our friend Alan Katz from Howdini.com.

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