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Why You Should Lunch at Laughing Planet Today

Five precent of Friday sales to go toward local ALS patient

By Eat Beat Team October 2, 2009

It’s nearly noon and I’m heading to the Laughing Planet in the Pearl District. While I admit that my usual diet as a food writer does not often enough include brown rice, steamed vegetables, and burritos named after communist revolutionaries, I really do like Laughing Planet, and today the proceeds go toward a good cause.

Several months ago, an acquaintance of mine was diagnosed with ALS, a progressive neurogenerative terminal disease that results in total paralysis. Because of the expensive nursing care, equipment, medications, and home renovations required to cope with this disease, ALS can be financially devastating. And today, the good folks at Laughing Planet will donate five percent of all sales toward treatment. To learn more about my friend Harper Bates and other ways you can help, please visit this site. Visit Laughing Planet’s website for locations and hours.

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