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It’s the Teacarina!

Bar Pilot’s Xmas list completed

By John Chandler November 24, 2009

What a bunch of lazy layabouts you are. Waiting around till the very last minute before flinging yourself willy-nilly into the Christmas shopping meat grinder. Not me, Charlie. You will not catch me wandering aimlessly through Pioneer Place or Lloyd Center, like a lost soul suffering the torments of the damned in some misbegotten underworld. Nor will I be decked out in a haz-mat suit to ward off the latest sinister flu strain while waiting for bored high school volleyball players to wrap my panicked purchases at Freddy’s. I’ve placed my order and now I just have to wait for it to materialize on my doorstep.

Everyone on my list is getting the Teacarina. See, it’s a teacup and an ocarina, all in one! How many times have you found yourself dispiritedly sipping a hot beverage and wishing you had a wind instrument to toodle on between mouthfuls? Your prayers have been answered.

According to the press release, "The four-hole Teacarina comes in eight lustrous colors from star-dappled dark blue to two-tone metallic bronze. They are sale priced at $18 each (regularly $22) with a set of four available for $59.99 (regularly $88)."

I’m not in the habit of publicly endorsing gewgaws or gimcracks, but when one encounters perfection, it’s impossible to keep it a secret.

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