Ill Communication

Of flus and booze

The consensus on drinking while sick?

By John Chandler December 11, 2009

Alas dear drinking buddies, I have succumbed to the plague. I am unwell. Under the weather. Bit by the bug. Sick as the proverbial dog. The question is, should this unfortunate turn of the stomach stand in the way of my drinking regimen? Surely, spirits have their restorative powers. The Greeks and Romans distilled juniper berries (Hello! Gin!) for medicinal purposes. And everyone knows beer is rich in antioxidants. You might say, it’s good for what ales you. Har!

Since I’m home from work anyway, I may as well use my time to better mankind and devise the ideal alcohol-inspired antidote. I’ve heard rumors of a Thera-Flu cocktail, but my lone attempt at this healing elixir resulted in an extended stay in an oxygen tent. Who knew fortified wine, grain alcohol, Robitussin, and a half bottle of ibuprofen was a near-lethal combination? I didn’t see any warnings posted anywhere.

One hot drink that never fails to improve my spirits is Blueberry Tea. Simply brew up a cup of your favorite tea (preferably something mild flavored) and leave room for copious amounts of Grand Marnier and amaretto. Drink and repeat. It’s potent and delicious, and even if it doesn’t speed your recovery, it’s time well spent.

Sadly, my liquor cabinet is bereft of Grand Marnier at the moment, but is otherwise well stocked. So let’s hear some ideas. Help out the ol’ Bar Pilot with your own hot drink recipes that will restore me to vigorous good health. Bonus points if you come over to my house, pry open my mouth with a spoon, and pour the solution down my throat.

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