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Gifts for the guzzler

By John Chandler December 17, 2009

I’m working on a comprehensive post about Christmas gift ideas for the beer and cocktail lover (like me!) on your list, but here’s a few to tide you over in the meantime.

Beer of the Month Club: This one’s a little spendy but there are different price plans available. Why not keep that special someone buzzed year-round?

Brandy Flask Smuggler Cane: Walking the dog just got a lot more rewarding. If Fido’s being extra good, give him a nip as well. Now you can attend art openings, lectures, and experimental film festivals with confidence, knowing sweet relief is at hand.

iBartender: For 99¢ you can create the illusion of being a knowledgeable mixologist, ready to whip up a Headless Horseman or a Brandy Alexander at the push of a button or two.

Fear not! There are more awesome gift options on the way. And by all means, feel free to send in your own ideas. What are you getting for the lush in your life?

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