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Saints and Sazeracs

Super Bowl needs a super drink

By John Chandler February 2, 2010

This Sunday is Super Bowl XLIV (or 44, if you’re counting). I’m not the football fan I once was, but like most intelligent and thoughtful citizens, I’m rooting for the New Orleans Saints. The Saints are the underdog in this contest, attempting to smite the favored Indianapolis Colts who are led by quarterback Peyton Manning, the son of legendary Saints quarterback Archie Manning (1971-82), who for many seasons was the only halfway decent player on a miserably bad team. Neat little family drama, no? Besides, the Big Easy went through nature’s wringer, was saddled with bureaucratic incompetence in response ("Brownie, you’re doing a heckuva job"), and could really use an emotional lift. New Orleans hasn’t been to the Super Bowl—ever—and the only thing they’ve had to cheer about in 43 years is Tom Dempsey’s 63-yard field goal in 1970.

Anyhoo, instead of directing your attention to a bunch of local sports bars for this year’s big game, I’m going to advise that you stay home and show your support for the Saints by drinking sazeracs, the most beloved and historic cocktail from New Orleans.

Here’s a little history on the sazerac and some easy steps to follow. Go Saints!

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