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Steinbart’s home brew happening

By John Chandler March 31, 2011

This calls for a beer! Thanks to the passage of SB 444, which was just signed into law by our lager-loving governor on Monday, it is now legal for home brewers to bring their ales out from the basement, garage, or man-cave in order to enter them in competitions or share them with the public. As we reported last year, problems arose when an Oregon State Fair committee brought an obscure (i.e., old and idiotic) law, ORS 471.403, to the attention of the OLCC, in reference to the fair’s popular home brewing and home winemaking competitions, which effectively led to the kibosh of the contests.

Now that the matter has been cleared up in the legislature, F.H. Steinbart Co., the oldest and most revered supplier of home brew gear in the area, is ready to celebrate. This Saturday, starting at 9 a.m., home brewers of all skill levels are invited to bring their beers and/or brewing paraphernalia to Steinbart’s for a Set Home Brew Free event. Weather permitting, participants can set up and brew in the parking lot, with home brew samples available for the tasting. Needless to say, attendees are instructed to imbibe wisely.

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