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Pedaling Potables

When will we be seeing this around town?

By John Chandler April 26, 2011

I heard there was one of these contraptions in Bend, and I was steamed that Portland was so behind the times. It appears that progress has caught up with us at last.

From the Facebook site.

The Portland Pedalounge is a 14 Human-Being-Pedal-Powered vehicle. It goes over here, and then down that way, and then stops for a little while, all at the whims of the driver and the human engine. It is a magnificent machine and provides extreme fun. You will be able to see it and book tours in May of this year. Get ready.

Drink beer and get a cardio workout? Let’s do it! At this point it looks as though Pedalounge will only ferry people to and from the pubs. We might have to wait a while before actual swilling and cycling takes place. More details as they materialize.

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