Beer Hero

34 Pubs in One Day

Local beer lover tests his mettle in "Man vs Beer"

By John Chandler May 3, 2011

This dude is my hero. Portland travel agent John Lovegrove sent along this video he and his friends made two summers ago in which Lovegrove drank at every single pub that brews beer on the premises in the area. This means a whole lot of McMenamins and even far-flung operations like The Ram in Clackamas. What, no Golden Valley in McMinnville?

His periodic sobriety tests are impressive and hilarious (though they reveal Lovegrove to be a bit of a one-trick pony) and the audio barfing is priceless.

Question: Is Lovegrove interested in trying this stunt again? With the Bar Pilot riding shotgun? We’ll need a team of sober drivers, a videographer, and a bunch of money. And probably a bucket.

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