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New McMenamins in Wilsonville is a church change-up

By Griffin Funk August 8, 2011

Surprise, surprise, Mike and Brian McMenamin are at it again, expanding, converting and preserving; this time in an old church in Wilsonville.

Working hand in hand with the Wilsonville Historical Society, the ambitious brew brethren will bring a 100-year old church back to life while enshrining a piece of Wilsonville history. Wilsonvillians may remember this property as the Wilsonville United Methodist Church or after the Methodists relocated, the Christ Community Church. The building has been empty since 1996.

The property will serve as part outdoor music venue, part church, part museum, and part brewery. So if you have a hankering to get hitched while drinking your weight in Hammerhead or just want to hear Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside in an outside amphitheater (Thursday, August 18) well, the McMenamins have got you covered.

The renovated church pub includes an abundance of Wilsonville historical artifacts with tons of photos and memorabilia on display. The decor also will pay homage to the famed first deacon of the church, John W. Exon, who was also (possibly more famously) a riverboat pilot.

The grand opening of McMenamins Old Church & Pub, August 17-20, also happens to coincide with the anniversary of the building’s creation in August 1911.

Be sure to check out the McMenafication of the old church in the video below.

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