New Ducks Fight Song?

Local musician loves U of O

By John Chandler November 11, 2011

I would describe the current state of sports fandom to be a little queasy at the moment. There’s the hideous Penn State scandal (no links—it’s just too awful) which is enough to shake the faith of any follower of college football. And in lesser news, it looks like we’ll have to trudge through another dark and gloomy winter without the Portland Trail Blazers to keep us company. Bleh.

Fortunately, I can always count on my most resilient friend Stan McMahon to cheer me up. Stan is a very fine musician from Salem whom I’ve had the privilege to play in bands with over the years, and he’s been a lifelong lover of the Oregon Ducks. Sensing perhaps our collective funk over the state of college athletics, Stan has written a potential new theme song for the Oregon Ducks football team. Maybe if we all "like" it enough, we can get Chip Kelly and company to adopt this catchy little number as the Ducks’ official fight song.

Why am I posting this report in Bar Pilot? Well, sometimes I watch sports in bars, so it stands to reason that I am tasked with the occasional update. Enjoy!

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