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Draft Mag knows how to rate ‘em

By Sarah Moore January 18, 2012

Last time we checked, Oregon accounted for only 2 percent of the nation—without the territories!—and Portland for a significantly smaller fraction. Yet according to Draft Magazine, the tap-tuned publication for lovers of beer and its attendant culture, our beloved burgh captured a survey-best six of the Top 100 Beer Bars in America, beating out such worthy contenders such as Seattle, Milwaukie, and Chicago.

Though math isn’t our forte, we’re pretty sure this means our beer brigade is doing some heavy lifting, barrel-style, and we’re sitting pretty at No. 1. Portland’s unofficial Most Best Bars award is a credit to drinking destinations like Apex, Belmont Station and the Green Dragon. The list also includes Bailey’s Taproom, a cozy catch-all for great Oregon beer, the Horse Brass Pub (middle name: unstodgy old-timey British craft beer fun) and Saraveza, cheerfully and beerfully Midwestern. Conclusion? We like your style, Draft.

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