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Worst Beer in the World lists 50 bogus brews

By John Chandler January 9, 2012

In keeping with the spirit of the season (making endless lists, that is), several thousand members of the community cast their votes for the Worst Beers in the World poll. Dominated by watery light beers and corrosive malt liquors, there are some intriguing inclusions. For example, the folks at Keystone might want to consider upgrading their corporate mascot, because the presence of mustachioed man of the people, Keith Stone, ain’t cutting it. Keystone Light came in at No. 17 on the list, and Keystone Premium was No. 20.

The absolute bottom of the barrel, apparently, is Olde English 800 3.2, a less potent version of the high gravity lager that’s the choice of hopeless alcoholics and buzz hunters on a budget. As a former imbiber of "OE," I can’t say that I’ve been introduced to the 3.2 style—nor would I want to be. See, the only reason on God’s Green Earth to drink Olde English is for its 7 percent alcohol by volume. It’s an affordable method of getting your drunk on, if that’s the goal you had in mind for the evening. It’s a harsh, hard, malty brew, that nonetheless, tastes a bit better than similar high-octane swill produced by, say, Camo Brewing, another Miller product that gets my vote as the absolute worst beer I ever tasted. It’s the only one I can remember spitting out, anyway. Lest you cast me as a suds snob, I will point out that I have a certain degenerate fondness for Colt 45 malt liquor. Just like Billy Dee Williams.

What do you think, drinking buddies? What’s the worst beer you’ve ever sampled? Name names and provide tasting notes.

Here’s my review of Camo Genuine Ale. "Rather than coming from a brewery, I think that Camo Genuine Ale began life as some kind of industrial solvent that removes rust from barges. After one drink I was terrified about the state of my health, as if I’d introduced a deadly virus into my system as part of a paid experiment. Best advice? Sobriety." Your turn!

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