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Would You Drink This?

Spelling doesn’t count with Coole Swan—unless it’s a Yeats reference.

By John Chandler March 13, 2012

This is why advertisements on Facebook need to be more carefully curated. Seriously? Coole Swan? It’s allegedly an artisan blending of whiskey, Irish cream, and chocolate. Look, I’ve imbibed much scarier concoctions than this one in my time—including a mysterious clear liquid served in an old mayonnaise jar distilled by my cousin Lalo, that caused me to chirp like a budgie for three days. But is this a product that you would actually go to the liquor store and buy? Over 31,000 people "like" it on FB, and It retails for around $25.

OK, drinking buddies, your assignment for today is as follows: First of all, weigh in on Coole Swan. Who’s the target audience here? Is it you? Once we’ve established that, spitball some fancy cocktail recipes that include Coole Swan as a key ingredient. And if you happen to work for Coole Swan, by all means send me a bottle so we can road-test this puppy. I would be only too happy to give it a day in court (as long as I don’t end up there, myself).

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