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Show love for artisan brewers by bringing home the good stuff

By John Chandler May 15, 2012

Yes, it’s American Craft Beer Week, so on behalf of this burgeoning industry, I hereby request that you spend an extra buck or so on your next beer purchase at Freddy’s or New Seasons, and get better acquainted with a sixer of something from a nearby artisan brewery. Seriously, save the Coors Light for a barbecue with people you can’t stand. Another good way to show your support for the brewing community would be to attend one of these upcoming events that will feature their most crafty creations.

Apex Two-Year Anniversary Party: They must be doing something right; Draft magazine named Apex one of America’s Top 100 Beer Bars. With its digital menu of 50 draught beers, and enough outdoor seating to accommodate an Occupy sit-in, Apex has quickly established itself as a desirable drinking destination, not only for the bicycle brigade, but for anyone who wants to savor a magnificent pint of Adam from Hair of the Dog or something obscure from a far-flung Belgian monastery. This weekend, Apex will be unveil a "mind-blowing" tap list in honor of their second year, including a Rhubarb Crisp from local barrel-age specialists Cascade Brewing and a special Double Apex Double IPA brewed especially for the fest by Bear Republic.

Sixth Annual Brewers Memorial Ale Fest: Last year, more than 3,000 folks and some 800 dogs attended this fest located in lovely Newport, that began six years ago as a tribute to Brewer, the faithful canine companion of Rogue’s head brewer John Maier, who passed in 2006. This weekend, parched citizens can slake their thirsts with a variety of Rogue’s signature suds, and also shimmy and shake to live music—with or without your dog as a partner. Better still, get your pooch to enter the celebrity dog look-alike contest or get him decked out in designer duds for the Doggie Fashion Show.

Zoo Brew: Here’s a little advice on sensible consumption. If you’ve been vigorously sampling beers and ciders for a few hours, and suddenly realize that you’ve acquired the ability to communicate with the animals, it’s probably be time to slow down and switch to a water-based diet. More than 60 breweries will have selections on tap, including BridgePort, Full Sail, Lompoc, and Laurelwood. There will be carnival-style games and workshops on the finer points of brewing, as well.

Second Annual Portland Fruit Beer Festival: Twenty-five brewers from near and far will bring their finest ales to town for the second edition of this fruit-forward fest. Representatives from Upright, Commons, Gigantic, Dogfish Head, Burnside, and Deschutes, among others, have introduced raspberries, huckleberries, lemons, peaches, papayas, and anything else they can find on the vine, to their brews to spice things up a bit. Live music and food also will be part of the festivities.

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