Bon Appetit Still Loves PDX

Checking in on Portland’s status in the national food scene, the June issue of Bon Appetit hails Portland’s potato-est food cart and sweetest milk shake for kids and their booze-lovin’ folks.

By Allison Jones May 21, 2012

Salt & Straw’s Pink Lady Milk Shake. Photo: Tobias Zarius for Bon Appetit

My monthly routine goes a little like this: Grab my stack of newly-arrived national food magazines, crack their spines, and search their colorful, glossy pages for mentions of any and all things Portland.

This month, Bon Appetit delivers, as per usual.

While plugging John T. Edge’s new Truck Food Cookbook, Bon Ap’s Rachel Sanders charts the "strange creations of our nation’s freewheeling kitchens," including the PB&J fries with peanut sauce and raspberry chipotle jelly at Cartopia’s Potato Champion. The cart-centric tome itself is—naturally—filled with familiar Portland trucksters, including Brunch Box, Koi Fusion?, Whiffies Fried Pies, ?The Swamp Shack, ?as well as the sorely-missed Garden State and Moxie Rx.

Just in time to celebrate the launch of their new west-side scoop shop, Salt & Straw ice cream nabs a mention (and a recipe!) for their Pink Lady Milk Shake in the mag’s summery Frozen Dessert spotlight. The strawberry-fueled concoction includes "a drop of vinegar and a hint of pepper to balance the sweetness", in addition to a bit of rum for a grown-up twist.

One surprise twixt the covers of the hallowed mag: an entire ten-page spread about the American taco revival with nary a mention of Portland’s recent boom. Oh well, there’s always next month.

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