How it’s Made: What’s the Scoop?

We stepped into the kitchen with What’s the Scoop?’s Jodie Ostrovsky to get an look at the not-so-complicated process of making delicious ice cream with liquid nitrogen.

By Allison Jones June 20, 2012


With the opening of their new What’s the Scoop? ice cream shop on North Williams just a week away, Miami transplants Jodie and Brian Ostrovsky want to spread the word that their liquid nitrogen-powered ice cream isn’t just for science geeks.

When I walked through the doors of the new scoop shop, the paper was being removed from the windows but the air was already heavy with the scents of caramelized bananas, sugared cherries, and freshly-made peanut brittle. Despite the shiny space-age tanks and elaborate loops of hose that flank the sides of the modern open kitchen, the space smells like home cooking—and the frozen results are an old-fashioned ice cream lover’s dream.

Brian earned his ice cream making chops at the Penn State Ice Cream Short Course—the industry standard that’s been churning out ice cream superstars (like Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield of Ben & Jerry’s) since 1892—and Jodie participated in a companion course for ice cream entrepreneurs, so they know a thing or two about frozen desserts.

The Ostrovskys make everything from scratch, down to their almond extract and honeycomb candy, and the liquid nitrogen process is anything but complicated. Simple as it may be—adding an eyeballed amount of liquid nitrogen to a regular KitchenAid mixer filled with ice cream base then adding the mix-ins—the Ostrovskys believe their über-fast method has major culinary benefits. While the conventional ice cream production process can take hours, What’s the Scoop? ice cream goes from liquid ice cream base to a frozen pint in less than two minutes. This speedy process minimizes the air and creates smaller ice crystals in the finished product, both key factors in super premium ice creams.

From a killer vanilla blend to excellent deep, dark chocolate, the Ostrovskys have certainly nailed the classics, but their talent shines in their one-of-a-kind creative flavors. Booze lovers to the core, Jodie and Brian boast a full roster of liquor-infused concoctions like Tennessee Honey (Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey Whiskey ice cream laced with house-made honeycomb candy), Spiced Chocolate Tequila flavored with cardamom, cinnamon, star anise and Sauza, and Bourbon Toffee (Maker’s Mark Bourbon ice with chunks of "white trash toffee" made from saltine crackers).

Family-friendly flavors include Brown Butter Almond Brittle, Burnt Sugar, Buttered Caramel Corn, Peanut Butter Curry, Caramel Apple, and many, many more.

The shop is set for a June 28th debut in a new mixed-use building one block south of the HUB building (home to Tasty & Sons, Ristretto Roasters, Lincoln Restaurant, Chop Butchery, and more). Stay tuned for opening day photos of the sleek and modern shop, right here on Eat Beat. Until then, check out the slideshow of the ice cream making process by clicking the link above!

What’s the Scoop?
3540 North Williams Avenue
Twitter at @thescooppdx

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