Fresh Fall Beers

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August 30, 2012


Gigantic Brewing The City Never Sleeps $8/22 oz
A transitional tipple—a medium-bodied, velvety smooth imperial black saison with flickering flights of coffee, chocolate, and hazelnuts

21st Amendment Brewery Hell or High Watermelon $2/12 oz
A dry, quaffable quencher juiced up with fresh water-melon. Combined with its wheat beer foundation, the fruit adds refreshment without an overpowering citrus tang.

Widmer Brothers Brewing Shaddock IPA $3/22 oz
The finest brew yet from Widmer’s ongoing Rotator IPA series. The addition of dried grapefruit peel results in a pleasing burst of citrus tingle and hoppy pop.

Coalition Brewing Co Rooster Cream Ale $5/22 oz
Though light, there’s nothing flimsy about the Rooster; it has substance and body aplenty, with firm flavors of straw and freshly mowed grass, and a fast finish.

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