A Feast to Remember

Feast Portland's inaugural year went off without a hitch, showcasing the best of Portland's eats and drinks to an international audience.

By Allison Jones September 25, 2012

From the Sandwich Invitational to the after-after-after parties and everything in between, Feast Portland was, simply put, the best weekend ever... and I've got over three thousand photos to prove it. I won't subject you to a slide show of all of 'em, but I've put together quite the collection for you to vicariously chew through Feast's tastiest events, panels, and parties. Check out these slide shows complete with the best quotes and menu items from the weekend, then mark your calendars for Feast 2013 (September 20-23). Start saving that extra change!

Part one: The Portland Monthly Sandwich Invitational

Part two: Director's Park Seminars and Classes

Part three: The Night Market

Part four: Oregon Bounty Grand Tasting

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