And One For My Dog

Bend entrepreneur invents Dawg Grog, a perfect pour for the parched pooch.

By John Chandler January 17, 2013


Since there's no good reason why Man's Best Friend shouldn't also be his drinking buddy, Bend businessman Dan Keeton has invented Dawg Grog. Before anyone notifies PETA, be advised that this product, made primarily from wort (barley soaked in hot water) that comes from Bend's Boneyard Brewing, is nonalcoholic. There will be no drunk dachsunds or hammered huskies on my watch.

"They're giving me all the extra wort that they're unable to fill the boil tank with," Keeton tells me. "It's exactly what they're using in the primary process of beer making." He's quick to add that no fermentation has taken place, so no alcohol. Conscientious fellow that he is, Keeton even taste-tests Dawg Grog every step of the way. "It has a malty, caramelly, flavor," he says. "And the barley water is rich in vitamin B12, so it promotes a healthy nervous system and helps with digestion." Keeton also adds glucosamine to the mix, which is very good for an active dog's joints.

But before you go out and buy a new mug for your pug, check out the sticker price. A six-pack of 16-ounce bottles of Dawg Grog ordered from Keeton's website goes for $36, which includes shipping and handling. And depending on the size of your dog, one bottle, splashed over a bowl of boring kibble, could last a couple days. Here's looking at you, Lassie. 

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