We developed a crush on Batch PDX's Spicy Passion truffle in our Food Lover's Guide last September, but with the new year that crush has turned into full-on obsession. There's something about Jeremy Karp's grown-up flavors that keep our fingers mysteriously returning to the box for another hit.

From the Oregon-grown chiles in that fateful spiked passionfruit number to the sweetened condensed milk in his cup-shaped Thai Iced Tea truffle, Karp knows how to read Portland's ever-changing cravings and turn them into bite-sized confections.

Other recent hits? The elegant Columbian Espresso with locally roasted coffee is a natural fit for the market, and Karp's lineup of cocktail-inspired treats—including the Margarita, Piña Colada, Dark & Stormy, and Rye—perfectly capture the booze-soaked zeitgeist, making Batch PDX one to watch in the growing legions of local chocolatiers. 

Want to get your hands on a box of these beauties? Batch PDX chocolates can be ordered by calling Karp directly at 503-913-3789 or by emailing [email protected] (after you check out the full line of truffles on the Batch PDX website). Individual truffles can also be found at Cacao, ‎3 Doors Down Cafe, and Wildwood.

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