Community Supported Chocolate

Monthly bon bon boxes delivered to your door? Alma Chocolate is totally an enabler.

By Allison Jones March 15, 2013

Alma's bon bon super sampler could be waiting on your porch.

By this time, most of us are familiar with Community Supported Agriculture setups—commonly dubbed CSA’s—that deliver weekly boxes of seasonal produce in return for a pre-season payment, and now, one local chocolatier is taking inspiration from the farmer’s handbook.

Alma Chocolate's Sarah Hart is launching a monthly chocolate subscription out of her NE 28th sweet shop, allowing chocoholics to sign up for eleven chocolate deliveries (skipping the too-hot month of August) straight to their homes or offices.

Each month, members receive a different sweet selection, like salty nutty toffee, ten-piece bon bon samplers, caramel assortments, or a peanut butter box loaded with Thai peanut bons bons and salted nut butter chocolates.

For a limited time, subscriptions will be available via the Alma Chocolate website on a buy-one-get-one-half-off basis, meaning a monthly delivery of sweets to you and someone you really, really like. 

Hungry for more Alma news? Portland Monthly's Karen Brooks explored Alma's recently-remodeled shop and shared the sweet details on Eat Beat, including a peek of Hart's delicious baked gems, inventive hot chocolates, and nano-batch ice creams.

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