Over the past few years, Portland's cocktail revolution has ushered in a few iconic drinks: the barrel-aged negroni at Clyde Common, the New Vieux at Beaker & Flask, and the tart drinking vinegars at Pok Pok. But none captured the imagination of the city's whiskey-obsessed imbibers like Laurelhurst Market's Smoke Signals. Developed by mixologist mastermind Evan Zimmerman in 2008, this warming whiskey cocktail comes together with a sweet, nutty pecan syrup, a zing of amontillado sherry, and most importantly, a heady nose of smoked ice. The basic elements—pecans, whiskey, sherry—are evocative of Zimmerman's childhood in Virginia. Sipping this drink has the same effect as taking a swig of Jack Daniels two feet from a blazing bonfire.
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