10 Reasons to Read 'Beer Lover's Oregon'

Logan Thompson's new beer guide offers top picks from scores of Oregon breweries—and a great game of “Beer Roulette.”

By Branden Andersen May 2, 2013

Logan Thompson—beer fiend and native of the Pacific Northwest took on the enviable task of traveling around our beautiful state for his new Beer Lover’s Oregon, an exploration of local breweries from Widmer to Draper Brewing. Here are ten reasons why you should seek out this beer book among a sea of others:

  1. The book is in-depth, to say the least. Thompson takes us from Barley Brown in Baker City to Bridgeport in Portland, from Walkabout Medford to…well…whatever’s in Southeastern Oregon. (Just kidding, we love you Beer Valley Brewing in Ontario.)
  2. Each brewery and brewpub profile includes all the information you’ll need. Readers have access to the founders' bios, photos, flagship beers, future projects, twitter handles, and intel on which beers are available year-round or seasonally.
  3. The “Beer Lover’s Pick” feature gives you a vetted beer to try without playing "Beer Book Roulette" (unless you're into that sort of thing; see number 10).
  4. The book speaks a language any beer lover can understand. While many beer books can get a bit technical, Thompson beer shouldn’t be complicated—in the end, it’s still beer.
  5. It’s a book worthy of your coffee table, whether it is in the living room or basement beer cave. With 68 breweries reviewed (in addition to his reviews of brewpubs and bars), it’s a great way to pass the time while you're sipping some suds.
  6. Thompson isn't focused only on the here and now of the beer world, but gives due attention to individual brewers' origins via solid history sections for each location.
  7. All Oregon breweries get equal spotlight. Thompson doesn’t leave out the little guys, whether they be hand-crafters or gluten-free.
  8. It makes you T-H-I-R-S-T-Y. Don’t crack this tome open mid-way through the workday—you may suddenly “come down with something” right around happy hour.
  9. If you’re planning to visit another part of the state, you can take the guesswork out of finding a good beer. Breweries, brewpubs, and beer bars are listed by region, so you’ll be set from border to border.
  10. It makes for a great game of “Beer Roulette.” For the uninitiated  this game entails grabbing a book or catalog of beers and finding a way to randomize your selection for the evening (we’ve done everything from putting beer menus on dart boards to grabbing random bottle caps from bottle shop collections—nothing is off-limits). Flip through the book and stop on a random page, then head over to Belmont Station and grab the destined brew. Cheers!
Find Beer Lover’s Oregon at Powell's bookstores and online at
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