A Foodie Father's Day Gift Guide

We've got plenty of ideas to make dad really happy this year, from alder-smoked chocolate chip cookies to Foietella.

By Julia Raymond June 5, 2013

Xocolatl de David’s Foietella

No one knows who coined the phrase but everyone knows that the fastest way to man’s heart is through his stomach. So this Father’s Day, please your pop with a unique treat from our culinary gift guide:

  1. Portland Beer and Cheese Festival Tickets – Make him happy and hoppy with tickets to Portland Beer Week’s 2nd Annual Beer and Cheese Festival. Tickets include 10 craft beer and cheese pairings, and snacks from CHOP Butchery. Better yet, the event takes place on Father’s Day so tag along and enjoy some family bonding over beer. Cost: $32.
  2. The Bräuler™ – Give dad a good excuse to buy, try and travel with his favorite brews. The Bräuler™is the first stainless steel growler of its kind that keeps fizz and flavor of beers for days. Cost: $50-ish dollars, can be found at various retailers online and in stores.
  3. St. Cupcake Smoked Chocolate Chip Cookies – Classic goes campfire with this delicious treat. The flour is smoked over alder wood and combined with pecans and Swiss chocolate to create an irresistible combination of salty, sweet, and smoky. Pair it with a bottle of scotch for a dessert that your father won’t want to miss. Cost: $18 for a 6-pack available online from St. Cupcake and at their retail locations.
  4. Foitella – Local chocolate mastermind David Briggs hit a home run with this product (which was recently featured on Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods America) marrying sweet and savory unlike any other chocolate spread and warranting its own, essential food group. Cost: $20 for a 7 oz. jar, can be purchased on Xocolatl de David’s website
  5. Portland Press – They are Portland’s iconic element. Mason jars compete only with tattoos and flannel for most ubiquitous. Now you can add coffee maker to its long list of functions. Complemented by a little wood, wool, and steel, this French press is perfect for the coffee-loving papa. Your old man will surely appreciate his new brew. Cost: $99 but the product is still in its crowd-funding phase (punctual gift-givers beware).
  6. Pendleton Coffee Mugs – Bundle the Portland press with one of Pendleton’s new National Park coffee mugs (no need to wait for crowd-funding). If the coffee isn’t enough to wake him up, chances are the throw-back colors of the cup will. Cost: $20 each, available at Pendleton stores and online.
  7. Bon Appétit’s The Grilling Book – Chapters tackle everything and anything that can be elevated by the barbie including burgers, dogs, flatbreads and vegetables. Make sure he tests out the recipes for BBQ-friendly cocktails before he gets going on the grill. Spicy grapefruit margaritas, anyone? Cost: $28.50, can be found on Amazon.
  8. Bacon Jam – We have yet to find a food that doesn’t go well with this jam. Burgers, sandwiches, mac and cheese. The list is endless. Dad will feel like the condiment king with this gift and your gift giving jam will be over. Cost: $10 for a 7 oz jar and can be found at Sur La Table online.
  9. June Mantry Crate – Mantry or “The Modern Man’s Pantry” is a guy-geared food delivery service. Each month, Mantry offers themed boxes filled with artisanal food and beverages that would impress any gender like Norwegian reindeer jerky. While the details about the contents are not revealed ahead of time, Mantry has already released the theme for its June crate: “Breakfast with Pops.” Cost: $75, available online via Mantry.
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