Farmers Pantry to Open in Moreland

The farmer-owned market will offer local, sustainable, non-GMO products through “farmer to table” partnerships.

By Tuck Woodstock October 18, 2013

The dream of the ‘20s is alive in Moreland.

We know what you’re thinking, and no, Sellwood's neighbor isn’t getting a speakeasy or a jazz club. Instead, an historic building on SE Milwaukie Avenue is being lovingly transformed into an old-style general store. 

Back in the pre-Industrial era, so we’re told, the general store was the center of both the community and the local economy, supporting farmers, ranchers, winemakers, textile makers, and more. And 1920s grocery shoppers didn’t have to choose between organic and conventional, GMO and non-GMO, or processed and whole foods.  Sound appealing? The creators of the Moreland Farmers Pantry think so, too.

Owned by local farmers, the market hopes to provide Portlanders with direct access to regional, sustainable, pesticide-free products. Local vendors will display their wares in the tradition of a roadside farm stand, rather than fighting for shelf space as they might in a modern grocery store. The market also plans to offer farm tours, nutritional classes and “culinary re-education,” all emphasizing nutritional value and food sourcing. 

The pantry has a few fun surprises in store for its first customers, too. We don’t want to give too many spoilers, but look forward to wine growlers, old-fashioned soda and popcorn, board games for the kids, “recipe in a box,” and a special treat when you leave. 

The Moreland Farmers Pantry will take over the historic brick building at 6717 SE Milwaukie Avenue, across from the Moreland Theatre. The market hopes to open by December, just in time for the holiday rush. Eager for more details?  Sign up for the Farmers Pantry email list

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