Raclette Nights at Cheese Bar

Nothing goes better with winter than hot, melted cheese.

By Roxanne Davis November 26, 2013

When we've reached the weeks of scraping ice off our windshields before commuting to work every morning, it can be tempting to spend weekday evenings swathed in blankets, making leftovers, and watching Netflix. But fight that temptation, Portlanders. Fight it the best way we know how: with hot cheese.

From now until the temperature starts to rise again in mid-2014, internationally renowned cheesemonger Steve Jones and the kind folks at his Southeast Belmont's Cheese Bar will host a raclette night every Wednesday night, starting at 6 pm. For a mere $6, cheese lovers get a plate of boiled potatoes, cornichons, ham, and a variety of mustards, doused in freshly-melted raclette cheese.

For those of us who are not international cheese aficionados, raclette is a popular party food in most of Europe. The dish originated in the Alpine region of Switzerland, and quickly spread to Germany, France, and surrounding nations. At Cheese Bar, Jones uses a German machine to melt the French cheese he prefers, for a multi-national culinary experience. "Raclette is one of those great comfort foods of the world," says Jones.

The cheesery will also be serving their regular dinner menu on raclette nights, but once you smell the haunting aroma of melting cheese, you'll simply have to try a plate. At $6, what's stopping you?

Cheese Bar
6031 SE Belmont St

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