Eat the December Issue

All the food-centric stories from Portland Monthly's December issue in one handy place

By Tuck Woodstock December 3, 2013

Image: Nomad

In the December issue of Portland Monthly, readers will:

← Impress holiday guests with a pork-free chocolate salami recipe courtesy of Olympic Provisions.

♦ Browse bookshelves stacked with new cookbooks by Portland’s top author-chefs.

♦ Savor perfect paella and classic Spanish cuisine at NW Portland’s Ataula.

♦ Dive into the saga of scientists’ attempts to revive Oregon’s only native oyster species.

♦ Celebrate the arrival of our holiday six pack, featuring Oregon’s best winter beers.

♦ Tuck into Teote’s vibrant Venezuelan fare, from arepas and short ribs to mezcals and chocolates. 

♦ Toss back a shot of 9000-year-old Chinese rice spirits at Portland’s Vinn Distillery.

♦ Skirt the season’s shopping rush by baking cardamom shortbread cookies for everyone on your list!

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