Local Gifts for the Portland Foodie

Whether you’re shopping for your oenophile uncle or your sweetheart with a sweet tooth, we’ve got the perfect gift for every foodie on your list.

By Tuck Woodstock December 10, 2013

For the DIY cook

Supply the base of breakfast, lunch, and dinner with this Every Meal of the Day bundle from Bob’s Red Mill. Each gluten-filled gift pack includes bags of bulgar, whole wheat bread mix, 7 grain pancake mix, steel cut oats, muesli, quinoa, and vegi soup mix. $43.70: Find it here!

Stock a home cook’s library with the latest tomes from Portland’s top chefs and food writers. Budding chefs will love using titles like Pok Pok, Toro Bravo and Le Pigeon to replicate the restaurants’ most-loved recipes in their own kitchens. Find our cookbook list here!

For the cheese connoisseur

→ Give creative cheese lovers the means to make feta, Greek yogurt, and yogurt cream cheese at home with the latest DIY kit from Urban Cheesecraft. This probiotic-boosted bundle is the latest in a long line of cheese kits from this local company, so if you’re feeling extra giving, why not throw in a box of DIY chevre goat cheese? $29: Find it here!

Tillamook’s Blue Heron French Cheese Company offers a diverse selection of gift baskets that pair cheeses with flavors culled from Oregon’s rich bounty. Amuse your cheese-loving friends with the Stinky Cheese Basket, brimming with Limburger, Blue Stilton, Raclette, Oregon Blue, and La Tur. $50: Find it here!

For the grill master

This spice rub gift pack from Marshall’s Haute Sauce combines Jacobsen Sea Salt with herbs and spices to add pizzazz to BBQ, seafood, sandwiches and more. Bonus: they’re gluten-free and vegan. $35: Find it here!  

For the sweet tooth

Union Way’s petite candy shop offers a Best o’ QUIN variety pack. The 20-piece assortment includes Jacobsen sea salt caramels, Best of Oregon caramels, popcorn caramels, twizzlies, “Dreams Come Chew,” and five fabulous lollipops. It’s a child’s dream come true! $16: Find it here!

Salt & Straw’s holiday flavors are back and better than ever. Adventurous eaters will gleefully devour Salt & Straw’s Holiday Classics Gift Pack, which includes pints of Peppermint Cocoa, Figgy Pudding, Butter Roasted Chestnuts, Bourbon Pecan Pie, and Spiked Eggnog. Orders will arrive nice and frozen, packed in dry ice. $65: Find it here!

Sweeten any holiday gathering with the Bee Local Honey’s Sweet Set. The gift pack includes Portland Farmland, Mount Hood, and Willamette Valley honey, and a bonus Bambu honey dipper. A percentage of sales benefits the OSU Honey Bee Lab. $22: Find it here!

It turns out you can buy happiness… or at least Happiness chocolate bars. Oma Chocolate blends organic herbs and spices (think cardamom, saffron, chrysanthemum, and herbal teas) with rainforest certified cacao beans to make flavors like Happiness, Courage and Freedom. Try them all in Oma’s Abundant Self 3-pack$21: Find it here!

Opt out of the holiday shopping madness by whipping up cardamom shortbread cookies for everyone on your list. Adapted from Kir Jensen’s The Sugar Cube, this recipe comes complete with a Made in Portland gift tag. Find it here!

For the spicy food masochist

Use our recent ranking of local hot sauces to build your own endorphin-boosting gift pack, featuring peppery sauces from Miss Delta, Hot Winter, Hot Mama, Picklopolis and more. Find our rankings here! 

For the movie buff

Upgrade movie night with plenty of Pinkleton’s Curious Caramel Corn, a local treat made with Jacobson Sea salt and non-GMO corn. Or use our popcorn power ranking to create your own salty-sweet gift basket. Pinkleton’s Corn starts at $8. Find our rankings here!

For the locavore who deserves it all

→ Go big this year with an Artisan Food Gift Basket from CruMarket. Each gift basket is piled high with local cookies, caramels, honey, hot sauces, sea salt, and much more. Customize your basket at the December 14 Build a Basket event for an extra special holiday gift. From $50: Find it here.

Portland’s first private chauffeured eating tour opened for business just in time for the holidays. White Moustache Urban Adventure Co offers fully customized tours of local eateries; guests select from themes like Sunny Side Up (a progressive breakfast) and Four Quadrant (all four corners of Portland devoured). Perfect for your friends who never know where to eat in town! From $200 for 2 people: Find it here!

Dazzle any set of taste buds with a Sweet Haute Pop Gift Box. This local gift pack pairs Portland Creamery’s goat’s milk caramel with Cranberry Red Jalapeno sauce from Marshall’s Haute Sauce, and tops it all off with a bag of Masala Pop’s Chai Popcorn. $35: Find it here!

For the beer buff

Lead your favorite beer guzzler on a scavenger hunt through historic pubs, breweries, and concert venues with the new McMenamins Passport. Prizes for a completed passport include concert tickets, hotel stays, and free happy hour for a year! Check out this hilarious video for the full scoop. $20. Find it here!

For the beer-powered bicyclists on your list, consider these hand-stitched leather beer accessories from Walnut Studiolo. Lucky recipients will be able to carefully cage their PBR tallboy, safely strap down their growler, and more! From $10. Find it here!

For the oenophile

Help wine lovers parade their Oregon pride with wine country license plates. These lovely license plates replace that iconic fir tree image with a beautiful, verdant vineyard. The surcharge supports the Oregon Tourism Commission. $54: More info here!

For the tea party enthusiasts (no, the other kind)

Please your tea-steeping Portland pals with this “I Love Portland” gift set from Stash Tea. Each pack comes with Stash’s Portland loose tea blend, a tin of dark chocolates, and a beautifully decorated mug featuring the Portland landscape. $30: Find it here!

For the Paleo Pal

Combine the energizing properties of coffee with the benefits of healthy fats with Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee. This next-gen coffee was designed with low toxin content in mind, and is best prepared with several tablespoons of grass-fed butter for a high calorie energy boost. From $19: Find it here! 

Supply your Paleo pal with plenty of protein power with a Shurky Jerky variety pack. Each pack features free-range, butcher-grade beef, pork and turkey, and if you really love the giftee, you can upgrade to bison or chocolate jerky. From $28: Find it here!

For the raw vegan

Satisfy those DIY non-dairy desires with this nut milk gift set from Betty Rawker. The gluten-free, soy-free, Paleo-friendly, vegan company from Willamina has whipped up a gift box filled with everything your plant-powered pal will need to make sprouted almond milk, raw chocolate hazelnut milk, and raw hazelnut truffles. $27: Find it here!

Keep that raw foodie’s sweet tooth satisfied with a variety pack of Honey Mama’s Nectar Fudge. This line of honey-sweetened fudge is sinfully delicious, yet free of dairy, gluten, soy, and processed sugar. $22: Find it here!

For the person with too many food restrictions to handle

Settle for treating the family pet with a bag of Bailey’s Dog Biscuits from Bunches & Bunches. These locally made dog treats feature natural ingredients like cracked wheat, chicken broth, butter, and honey. Mmm, we’re sort of tempted to sample these ourselves. $14: Find it here!

→“Yum Yum, Portland Oregon” by local illustrator Kate Bingaman-Burt will surely get stomachs rumbling. Food! The print features many of Portland’s best restaurants and eateries, from Screen Door to Sizzle Pie. $22: Find it here!

Use our carefully curated holiday gift guide for all the gastronomically-challenged guys and gals on your list. From hatchets to tarantulas, there’s something for everyone on this list! Find it here!

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