Pip's Original, Northeast's quirky, cheerful, and delicious neighborhood doughnut shop, offers tasty treats and a cozy respite from the wintry weather on Fremont and 47th. A newcomer to the doughnut scene, Pip's Original is already making serious waves. Each mini-ring is handmade and fried-to-order in super-hot organic soy shortening for a seriously tasty caramelized outer crust that guards the surprisingly light, fluffy interior. Once out of the fryer, they are drizzled with local honey, sugar, or seasonal creams. The shop is full of whimsical Portland charm, packed with books, cacti, and funky memorabilia. A gorgeous Washburn guitar sits in the corner, just begging to be played, while the walls, painted in sky blue with wisps of clouds, beckon you to daydream of spring days to come. Hot tip: head in on the weekends and play a song for some free doughnuts!
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