Dip Into National Cheese Fondue Day

Sure, it's a phoney holiday made up by a group of dairy lobbyists—but it's also a good excuse to dunk food into melted cheese! Here are 7 local spots to do just that.

By Salish Davis March 24, 2014

This year, not-really-a-holiday National Cheese Fondue Day lands on Friday, April 11—so we culled a list of local cheesetopias offering molten cheddar, swiss. gruyere, gorgonzola, and brie for all of your dipping desires. Gather around the communal cheese pot and dive in, long-stemmed fork first! 

  • Pine Shed Ribs' newish bar and dining room Piglet Pints & Pastry offers a meat-centric cheese fondue experience, complete with mini Le Creuset pot bubbling with a blend of cheeses and a plate full of house smoked sausage, beef sticks, pastrami, fruit, and bread. 17730 Pilkington Rd in Lake Oswego
  • Cheese Bar promises total cheese nirvana with a wide assortment of cheese boards, sandwiches, and salads—and their fondue of Alpine cheese fondue with crisp toasted levain is a go-to comforting pot of goodness from Steve Jones, the cheese king of Portland6031 SE Belmont St
  • Bluehour's bar menu boasts a gruyere and white wine fondue with fresh croutons, apples, brussel sprouts, and poached potatoes. Rumor has it that the fondue goes really well with a side of steak frites. 250 NW 13th Ave
  • Urban Fondue offers three-course fondue meals (with a cheese fondue, entree fondue, and dessert fondue)—and you can score discounts from 5-6 pm daily and all day Sunday. Stop by the adjacent drinkery, Bartini, for one (or three) of their 100+ creative martinis. 2114 NW Glisan St
  • The Melting Pot is celebrating this annual fondue anniversary with a special offer for members of Club Fondue. Even if you’re not VIP, options abound—including vegetarian and gluten-free—at this dedicated fondue chain. 1025 SW Sixth Ave
  • Widmer Brothers Brewery and Pub is first and foremost a brewery institution, with 300 kegs filled per hour since 1984—but they've also got über-cheesy fondue made with Drop Top Amber Ale—melted and ready to coat Olympic Provisions Bratwurst and pretzels. 955 N Russell St
  • Jo Bar and Rotisserie, the sister eatery of Papa Haydn (home of Portland’s first espresso machine), dishes up fontina and gorgonzola fondue paired with apples, asparagus, and toasted baguette. 701 NW 23rd Ave
Did we miss your favorite fondue joint? Let us know in the comments!
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