World Foods Now Open in the Pearl District

The team behind Barbur World Foods debuts their second location on NW Everett, complete with a rainbow of produce, international pantry supplies, and a stocked deli.

By Danielle Klenak March 4, 2014

World Foods—the second location of John and Mirna Attar's popular Southwest Portland international market Barbur World Foods—has quietly opened in the Pearl District on NW Everett in the former Local Choice Produce Market space. The new store makes the most of the recently-shuttered Local Choice's spacious and airy remodel of a former auto body shop, and provides wide aisles for browsing shelves stocked with pantry goods from around the globe.

In addition to the eclectic groceries, shoppers will find a deli featuring rainbow-hued piles of Middle Eastern fare—think sambousak, three-cheese philo pies, spinach pies, stuffed grape leaves, freshly roasted turkey, leg of lamb, and housebaked flatbread wraps—as well as a Stumptown espresso counter, bar with local and imported taps, and a bakery doling out classic Lebanese sweets.

We popped into World Foods during its opening week to peek around and get a feel for the international offerings now available to Pearl District denizens.  

  • Desserts: Nazook, Baklava, Zaban with Jam, Raisin Cookies, Coconut Cookies
  • Cheese: Crucolo, Brie, Muenster, Goat Cheeses, Ewe’s Milk, Manchego, King Cheese Braided String Cheeses
  • Wide selection of sodas: Leninade, Fentiman’s Curiosity Cola, Hot Lips Pear Soda, Kbac, Kvass
  • DIY dolma fixings: Cabbage Leaves, Vine Leaves, Spinach Leaves
  • Mixers: Mojito, Q Tonic, Syrups (almond, rose, mulberry, pomegranate, blueberry)
  • Jams: Rose, Masticha, Quince, Sour Cherry, Fig, Plum Butter, Rose Hip Butter
  • Honey: Acacia, Monastiri Cretan, Dobrova with the Comb
  • Salts: Bolivian Rose Salt, Black Truffle, Hawaiian

Check out our slide show below for more details, stop in soon for lunch or a kitchen refuel, and check out our April issue for an exclusive recipe from World Foods co-owner chef Mirna Attar.

World Foods
830 NW Everett St

Image: Lauren Lark
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