Decadent Drinking Chocolate Affogato at Cacao

A scoop of Salt & Straw's olive oil ice cream drowned in a hearty helping of molten dark chocolate? Your next date night is begging for this.

By Allison Jones August 12, 2014

Whether you pour it a little at a time or all at once, there's no wrong way to DIY.

Here's the sweet find of the week: Aubrey Lindley and Jesse Manis of the West End's chocolate paradise Cacao have added a new stunner to their mini-menu of cocoa-powered indulgences. 

Not only can chocolate lovers sample any of the carefully curated shop's hundreds of premium craft chocolate bars from around the world (including an epic selection of Portland's own chocolatiers), true aficionados can order a dark and decadent drinking chocolate affogato.

Traditionally composed of espresso poured over gelato or ice cream, Cacao's $6 version combines Salt & Straw's delicate and creamy olive oil ice cream with any of Cacao's signature drinking chocolates, including traditional European-style dark chocolate, spicy dark blended with smoked paprika, ginger, cayenne and coconut milk, and soothing cinnamon-milk chocolate. 

Thanks to the drinking chocolates' complex, layered flavors and the ice cream's savory, grassy edge, this is truly a grown-up dessert. In other words, it's sweet enough to share with your sweetheart but not cloying enough to keep you from licking the demitasse clean when you're done. 

While you're there, it'd be a crime not to pick up a few bars to go. If you're overwhelmed by the selection—and we don't blame you, it is overwhelming—feel free to ask the knowledgeable staff, or check out Lindley's five favorites across the flavor spectrum

414 SW 13th Avenue
Mon-Thu: 10 am to 8 pm
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