New Southwest-Accented Specials at Kask

Queso fresco-covered grilled corn meets Zazarac? Grüner's chef de cuisine Jake Sheffield is taking over the snack menu the restaurant's neighboring bar.

By Allison Jones August 7, 2014

It's been a boozehound's staple since it opened in the summer of 2011, but Kask's food menu (consisting largely of charcuterie boards and neon deviled eggs from the neighboring Gruner kitchen) never managed to match the cocktail menu's lazer-focused creativity.

Now, folks hankering for a fully adventurous eat-and-drink experience can look forward to a menu reboot thanks to Grüner's chef de cuisine Jake Sheffield and sous chef Ben Sandberg, who have taken on the bar's menu and will be rolling out weekly specials to satisfy their Tex-Mex cravings, from pulled pork sandwiches and eloté (first of the season corn on the cob with cayenne and queso fresco) to stuffed and roasted poblano peppers packed with sweet corn, rye berries, queso fresco, sour cream, cilantro, and housemade hot sauce.

"The menu will be ever evolving," explains Sheffield, "using seasonal ingredients. We should expect to see chili and cornbread during cooler months, street tacos on occasion, and mini-tostadas."

In addition to the hand-crafted southwest-influenced drinking snacks, the pair will expand the food menu over the next few months to include heartier options like sandwiches, house-made sausages, and flatbreads. 

Despite the changes, longtime fans of the bar's snacks need not panic: those bright pink eggs aren't going anywhere. 

1215 SW Alder St 

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