Tipping Our Hat to an Overlooked Pasta

In honor of National Linguine Day on September 15, we're celebrating the elliptical- ended pasta that is wider than spaghetti but narrower than fettucine.

By Anna Loh September 15, 2014

Pazzo's linguine with fresh New Zealand cockles

Image: Anna Loh

Lovers of simple pasta pleasures, this is your moment to shine. It's National Linguine Day, a fake holiday that celebrates the long and lanky pasta from Italy's coastal Liguria region. Here is our take on the 5 (and maybe a few more) scrumptious linguine offerings from new and old-school pasta joints around town:

1) Tabla's new dinner menu has an extensive array of antipasti boards, fresh salads, and meaty entrees but it’s their housemade linguine with a diverse range of bivalves—including mussels, clams and cockles—with garlic, chili flakes and bread crumbs that stands as the must-order today. 200 NE 28th

2) Piazza Italia’s Linguine Squarciarella is a decadent combination of linguine with stirred egg, prosciutto, onions, parmesan and black pepper. And if you’re feeling like seafood, their Linguine Alle Vongole—linguine with clams in white wine and garlic sauce—is a classic. 1129 NW Johnson

3) Amalfi’s simple but satisfying take on Scampi Linguine proves its 55-years worth of Italian authenticity with a generous serving of linguine and succulent prawns sautéed in garlic, butter, herbs and a dash of Vermouth. 4703 NE Fremont

4) Pazzo Ristorante’s linguine with fresh New Zealand cockles and seasoned Spanish Padrón peppers is a great choice for an Old Portland-style date night. 627 SW Washington

5) For vegans and veg-lovers, Asian-Italian fusion food cart Ooh Pasta’s Noodle Gone Nuts dish offers a generous combination of fresh broccoli, carrots, white onions, peppers, and linguine tossed in rich Thai Peanut sauce. For omnivores, the Flirting Clam Linguine tosses baby clams with butter and garlic. Buon appetito! 8145 SE 82nd

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