5 Local Bottles of Bubbly to Help Toast to 2015

By Allison Jones December 31, 2014

Champagne isn't your only option this New Years' Eve. Start a new tradition with local bubbles, from sparkling cider to budget-friendly, traditional-method wine worth toasting.

Start a new tradition with Finnriver Cidery’s clean, bright, méthode champenoise Artisan Sparkling Cider ($23)

Kramer Vineyard Brut Methode Traditionelle ($26) is sweet with notes of apples, blueberries, honey.

2015 is all about the bees: start with Heidrun Meadery’s light, dry, and sparkling Oregon Radish Blossom Mead ($25).

Off-dry, budget-friendly Evolution Sparkling wine ($22) from Sokol Blosser sips like a million bucks.

Wanna keep it classic? Toast with Argyle’s 2011 Vintage Brut ($27) for a fresh and lively start to the new year.

More on local bubbly from Ambonnay Champagne bar's David Speer: "Oregon is capable of making outstanding sparkling wines: we have the perfect climate and we grow the right grapes. Unfortunately, the cost of making bubbly is high and we don’t see very much produced locally. Sparkling wine involves many more steps than still wine, including a second fermentation, extended aging, a more complicated bottling process, and higher taxes on each bottle. Wineries either have to have a lot of resources or have to be extremely passionate about fizz to bother with all the headaches and expense of making these wines." Cheers to passion!

What will you be toasting with tonight?

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