Oregon's Youngest Winery Owner Profiled on FOX Business Network

After ten years as the owner of his family winery, Pascal Brooks is coming into his own—though, legally, still too young to drink his own product.

By Mary Stutzman January 29, 2015

Pascal Brooks walks through the vineyards with aunt Janie Brooks-Heuck and head winemaker Chris Williams. Brooks inherited the company when he was eight years old and is the sole owner of the winery.

Pascal Brooks has grown up with cameras in his face. The attention started in 2004, when his father, Amity winemaker Jimi Brooks, passed away unexpectedly—leaving the Brooks Winery to his son, then just eight years old. More recently, Pascal's story was a centerpiece of David Baker’s 2014 documentary American Wine Story.

Now, the nineteen-year-old again finds himself in the media spotlight, as the subject of next Tuesday's episode of brand-new FOX Business Network reality show Strange Inheritance.

But Pascal says this appearance is a little different. “I’ve never really been interviewed before," says the winery owner, now a freshman at the University of California Santa Cruz. "It was interesting—not surreal, but something I’m not used to. It’s the first time the winery really got shown off.”

As a child, the heavy lifting of operating the Brooks Winery fell to aunt Janie Brooks-Heuck and head winemaker Chris Williams, who took the helm while Pascal attended school. But throughout his childhood, Pascal remained very much involved with the winery—even now, while in college, he travels back to Oregon to help with the harvest. It's a set of experiences that Strange Inheritance host Jamie Colby felt needed re-sharing.

“It's not every day you hear about a teen or young adult that inherits something as grown-up as a winery,” Colby tells Portland Monthly.

Though too young to drink his own wines, Colby describes Brooks as “incredibly mature.” Tune in to watch the latest chapter in Oregon’s youngest winemaker coming-of-age story. Strange Inheritance airs Tuesday, Feb 3, at 6 pm on the FOX Business Network.

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